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CCI’s Interior Design Concepts Incorporate:

  • Surveys of users requirements, programs, philosophies and overall visual design objectives

  • Short term and long term marketing objectives

  • Health and safety codes and ADA standards

  • Technology and environmental concerns

  • Project budget guidelines for finishes, furnishings, lighting, art, signage, custom millwork and specialty items

  • Flexible plan designs to accommodate changes in programs and technologies

  • Color theory, texture, light and sensory techniques to enhance the visual and emotional experience

Our comprehensive design approach and individualized client programs successfully reduces design development, implementation time and costly mistakes. Complete project coordination assures continuity of design, efficient utilization of funds and conformity to schedules.

CCI is committed to the continuous exploration of the latest technologies and innovations in product design to provide our clients with finishes and furnishings solutions promoting healthy environments.

Our designs and specification documents for finishes and furnishings promote products that:

  • Meet Leed sustainability requirements

  • Are eco-friendly, address voc emissions, contain recycled content and utilize renewable resources

  • Contribute to a layered way finding system

  • Addresses maintenance performance goals and cost of maintenance over the life cycle of products specified

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