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Memory Impaired / Alzheimer's Units

CCI has been involved with the development of many memory impaired and Alzheimer’s / dementia units for over 30 years. We understand how the environment impacts the residence and staff’s health and well being. Our designs incorporate a sense of calm, familiar surroundings, but still stimulate the senses. CCI utilizes color, texture and light in our designs. Space planning and the correct selection of furniture, accessories and art enhance the residence experience. CCI works closely with our client to create designs unique to their community.

Crossroads Senior Living

Crossroads Senior Living

The lobby reflects a traditional interior. Carpet pattern borders mimic the architecture. Art is custom and depicts local landmarks familiar to the residence.


The memory impaired unit is divided into neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has a unique space reflecting community parks. These “parks” are located in central corridor locations without access to the outdoors or windows. The client’s goal was to create welcoming familial spaces for the residence. The murals were hand painted. This was their local beach that families have visited for generations.

D'Youville Life & Wellness Community

Memory Impaired / Alzheimer’s Unit

This is a third floor unit with no access to the outdoors. The client’s goal was to introduce a sense of the outdoors in a very limited space that included a structural column that could not be moved.


Our design concept introduced the idea of a porch. We incorporated the existing column by adding an additional column to create a front porch. The wall was clad in siding to replicate the exterior of a home. The “front” door enters into the dining room and the window looks down the corridor that is not accessible to the residence.


The seating area is designed as a sunroom with windows to the exterior and skylight. Not shown in the photo is a custom painted mural of a Cape Cod beach familiar to the residence framed as a window. This space is heavily used daily and the residence are often sitting on the porch or just enjoying the beach view.

This was new construction and CCI services included complete finish, furniture, fixtures, custom art specifications, space planning, contract /project management for the entire 120 bed facility.


Main Lobby

This space looks out into a formal courtyard. The design reflects a traditional living room. A custom painted mural adds depth to the space. Carpets were also custom designed. Residents often enjoy music and events here.

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